Skydiving has been classified as an activity for daredevils, adrenaline junkies, or downright fearless people practically since its inception in World War II. As with any activity, though, skydiving has evolved and the technology improves each year. As a result, skydiving in Alabama has become safer than driving your car down the road. While your grandma might still call it a sport for the crazies, the skydiving world is committed to safety above all else — especially when it comes to tandem jumps.

If you are considering a tandem jump but can’t get over the fear, Skydive the Gulf has provided not only safety statistics for your peace-of-mind, but also information about skydiving regulations so that you feel comfortable taking the leap. We can’t promise that you won’t still be nervous — it takes a couple hundred jumps to get over that — but we can at least equip you with the knowledge and best skydiving technology for your tandem jump at Skydive the Gulf.

United States Parachute Association Statistics

There’s no sense in beating around the bush: skydiving can lead to fatalities, just as any daily activity can. When it comes to fatalities, though, looking at the statistics really helps to calm pre-skydive anxiety.

According to the United State Parachute Association (USPA), there was only one tandem jump fatality per 500,000 tandem jumps over the past decade. Can you think of any other activity with a better track record than that?

Certified Tandem Skydiving Instructors

Skydive the Gulf puts the safety of its instructors and students before anything else when it comes to skydiving in Alabama. This is why you go through an extensive safety orientation on the day of your jump and why our instructors must have at least three years of experience, 500 skydives, and a master parachute license (which comes with its own qualifications) before they can even consider getting their tandem instructor license through the USPA.

At Skydive the Gulf, you can be assured that our skydiving instructors are way more than energetic and passionate people: they are highly qualified in every aspect of skydiving, especially safety.

Higher Altitude Jumps

It might seem counter-intuitive that skydiving from a higher altitude is actually safer, but it really is. At Skydive The Gulf, our tandem skydives take place at 10,500 feet (compared to a “hop and pop,” from around 4,000 feet). Having more time in freefall not only offers you amazing views of the coast that only skydiving in Alabama can give, but it also allows for time to correct any emergency that might occur. Our Skydive The Gulf staff has extensive knowledge of skydiving emergency procedures (EPs), and more time in the air is always better in the unlikely event they have to perform an EP.

Skydive The Gulf

Being aware of the excellent safety record that skydiving in the United States has should encourage you to stand in the door, take the leap, and experience ultimate freefall at Skydive the Gulf.