1. Tips For Planning Your First Skydive The Smart Way

    Deciding to take your first skydive is a huge step. Taking a little extra effort in planning your skydive can ensure an amazing and life-changing adventure! Your first skydive needs to be perfect and here at Skydive The Gulf we know there can only be one "first". We want you to have every confidence in choosing us to provide this once in a lifetime experience. First in you…Read More

  2. Skydiving Gift Certificates: Tips for Gifting an Amazing Experience

    Skydiving is an incredible gift and an amazing adventure for someone special. Here are some tips to get the best value for your money and make sure your lucky friend gets the best experience possible. 1. Shop with the skydiving center directly instead of third party vendors. You will avoid paying extra fees and get the most accurate information on the skydiving experience …Read More

  3. What is a Skydive Boogie?

    If you thought “boogie” was just a dance move, think again. In the world of skydiving, “boogie” is actually a better way to say “party.” In this blog post, Skydive The Gulf will explain the history of boogies, what types of people attend them, and give you information about our own upcoming boogie — the 1st Annual First Responder Boogie at Skydive The Gulf in…Read More

  4. Skydiving Lingo to Learn Before A Tandem Jump

    “Blue skies man! I got some great footie during that hop and pop I just took and everything was smooth under canopy!” This is just one example of the lingo you might hear as you enter the world of skydiving and sign up for your first tandem jump. Like any sports or activity culture, skydiving has its own jargon attached. If you are curious about skydiving culture or wa…Read More