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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tandem Skydiving FAQs

What are your COVID-19 guidelines?

How do I get to Skydive The Gulf?

What’s the minimum age to jump at STG?

Is there a maximum age?

What health issues might keep me from jumping?

Is there a weight limit?

What time should I get to STG?

What should I wear?

Can I wear my glasses or contacts?

What’s your weather policy?

How long does it take?

How many people jump at a time?

Can I jump with my pals?

Can I get a video or pictures of my jump?

Can I film my own jump?

What kind of aircraft do you have?

Can I eat and drink before I jump?

Can I SCUBA dive and skydive while in town?

Is skydiving safe?

What can I expect when we land?

What if I decide not to jump?

What’s your cancellation policy?

Should I tip my instructor?

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