Is Skydiving safe?

While skydiving is an inherently dangerous sport, just as driving a car is an inherently dangerous activity, we take every precaution to ensure your safety while on our drop zone. The sport of skydiving has been made as safe as possible with the current technology and training methods available. You will be connected to a harness attached to one of our experienced tandem instructors.

How long does it take?

Plan for just an hour or two. However, in the event of bad weather, it could be longer. From take- off to landing it usually takes about 30 minutes. First, you will enjoy a 20-25 minute plane ride over the best views, after exhilarating free fall at 120 mph, you will finally enjoy a peaceful 5-7 minute parachute ride over breathtaking coastlines.

What are the requirements?

The minimum age is 19 years and there is no maximum age. Although skydiving is not a strenuous sport, people who are in reasonably good shape enjoy it more and are less likely to suffer an injury. Certain conditions – epilepsy, obesity, heart problems and others – might preclude someone from jumping. Anyone who thinks they may have a medical condition that would interfere with their safe enjoyment of flying and skydiving should check with their physician before jumping. Skydive the Gulf has a weight restriction of no more than 250 lbs. A fee of $1/lb is assessed over person 200 lb. When scuba diving before skydiving, you MUST wait 24 hours after to participate.

What should I wear/eat?

Comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes (running shoes), shorts or jeans/tights. And of course don’t forget to wear a smile – it looks good for photos. It’s a good idea to eat a light meal or snack before you head to the drop zone. Basically eat what you would normally eat.

How soft are the landings?

Skydiving equipment has progressed significantly over the past 20 years, which makes for soft landings. Ultimately, the landings are equivalent to stepping off a small curb. On no wind days, we will slide in nice and easy on our bottoms with our legs up!

Can I jump with my friends?

Our jump aircraft can take two tandem passengers at a time, so it is possible for you to ride the plane to jump altitude together from where you will each jump out separately with your instructors. Please let us know while making your reservation so that we can do our best to accommodate your request.

Are there any weather restrictions for Skydiving?

Weather is usually not an issue due to Skydive The Gulf’s unique location on the sunniest side of the Gulf.

Can I get a video or pictures of my jump?

Yes. Still photos and video services complete with a music soundtrack (in free fall no one can hear your scream) are available for an additional charge usually within 30 minutes after the jump. Camera Flyers/Tandem Masters are filming in extreme conditions and malfunctions may occur from time to time. Issues of tandem passenger movement, focus, framing, moisture, vibration may result in video and photo content being inconsistent from passenger to passenger. Upon a total camera failure, with no usable footage being available from your jump: You are entitled to a FULL REFUND of your purchase price of your camera product. All original footage and photos remain the property of Skydive The Gulf to use in any promotions or other activity.

Can I take my own camera?

Unfortunately for safety reasons you cannot take your own camera.

What if I decide not to jump?

Unfortunately NO REFUNDS can be given, as all costs are incurred in getting you up in the plane. However, our experienced instructors are very proficient in coaching people through their nervousness throughout the entire skydiving process. You will be amazed how easy it is when you have someone experienced with you on your side!

What about cancellation policy?

A 100% cancellation fee will apply to confirmed bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the actual jump date. NO REFUNDS.

Should I tip my instructor?

Tipping is not expected, but always greatly appreciated. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and be acknowledged for doing a good job in any line of work! If you feel your instructor has done an especially good job, let them know about it. Everyone at Skydive The Gulf is a Full time Skydiving Instructor and works hard to help make your first jump safe and unforgettable!