Skydive the Gulf is the only place in the world that offers a sunset skydive AND beach landing onto the world famous Flora-Bama Lounge and Beach Bar! Arrive in serious style at the Flora-Bama during a breath-taking and unforgettable Gulf sunset. Be sure to sign up for our video and pictures packages so that you can share this bucket list experience with your friends and family.


When you arrive, your instructors will be ready to harness you up and board the plane. We strive to be a no-wait operation!

  • Take in the colorful 20-minute sunset flight over the coastal Gulf of Mexico
  • The door opens, Freefall @ 120 MPH for 45 seconds!
  • 5-7 minute serene parachute flight ensues
  • Arrive in style at the world famous Flora-Bama Lounge and Beach Bar with a sunset parachute landing

*We can carry up to two tandem students per flight*

  • If 2 cars are available, stage 1 car at the Flora-Bama Lounge & Beach Bar and drive to the skydiving center a few miles away.
  • If 1 car is only available, meet us at the skydiving center and we will gladly chauffeur you back to the skydiving center after our beach skydive

Skydive the Gulf™ contracts the best Tandem Instructors in the industry. Each of our instructors has thousands of skydives and is held to the highest standards above and beyond what is required by the United States Parachute Association.

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Important Notice:

Please note that to be able to make a tandem jump you must follow these rules and restrictions. These are for your safety and comfort


You MUST be 19 years or older on the day you skydive.
Please come with a valid photo ID such as your drivers license, ID card with photo, passport, etc.


Safety is our number one concern and weather conditions are major in skydiving. Unjumpable conditions may include but are not limited to cloud cover, high winds, and/or precipitation.

Often times, even if there is bad weather in the morning, we will have clear blue skies within an hour.

Your deposit is ABSOLUTELY REFUNDABLE in the case of weather. If you are on the island longer than one day we would love if you would reschedule with us. We are flexible and would hate for you to miss out on such an unforgettable experience.


You must weigh 260 lbs or less to participate. These requirements are in place to ensure our #1 priority of safety. Students over 200 lbs. will be assessed a fee of $1/lb.


We have a minimum two tandem students per flight. Customers may be assessed a fee for single student flights.

Zero Tolerance:

Absolutely no alcohol and/or drugs in your system 24 hours before making a tandem skydive.


Our airplane is specifically modified for skydiving operations. Our Cessna 182 is beautiful and fast for its kind. We are held to the highest standards for maintenance and our very own Certified A&P Mechanic ensures that our plane is well maintained for every jump.


Must wait 24 hours to skydive after SCUBA diving.