The gift of the GoPro! Skydiving Instructors at Skydive the Gulf in Alabama receive extensive training in order to capture the best video in the world! Safety of course is our number one priority. Your instructor wears two wrist-mounted cameras with wide angle lenses which capture the epic shots of your jump!

Each package includes interviews with you as we prepare to board the plane, shots of your ascent to altitude, climbing out of the aircraft, freefall, parachute ride down to landing, and your reaction upon reaching the ground safely.

The video of your amazing skydiving experience will help you preserve the memory and share it with family and friends. You can drag it to your desktop, upload it to Facebook, YouTube, send it to your iPad/iPhone (via iTunes), or to your Android device. It couldn’t be simpler!

Note: This camera package consists of both video and still photos. This package is priced per person only, and because the camera goes with you and your instructor, it cannot be combined with other jumpers.

Skydive the Gulf cameras have been purposely modified for the freefall environment to capture the video and audio from your experience safely, and our instructors are thoroughly experienced and trained in how to accurately capture your skydiving experience without added risk. They are as many instructors as there are videographers, and as a result, we do not allow students to carry or wear their own cameras in the freefall environment. There are NO exceptions to this rule. This is a United States Parachute Association requirement. The student’s participation in the skydive is required in order to maintain a maximum level of safety, and we refuse to put the student or the instructors at risk due to a lack of student participation and lack of proper training on how to manage the equipment in freefall.