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Reasons to Skydive Somewhere Pretty


Humor us for a second and imagine that you’re a bird. You have the ability to fly for only a few minutes and can choose anywhere in the world to go. Picture that place. What do you see in this bird’s-eye view?

If you said you want to fly over fields of brown, flat corn fields, we’d like to have a conversation. But, if you’re like 99.9 percent of other people, you pictured a majestic landscape with brilliant blue water, vibrant greenery, and warm air.

Skydiving in Pretty Places

The thing about skydiving is that it gives you this exact opportunity. Especially if you only plan on going skydiving once or twice in your life, choosing a scenic location should be your top priority. Even if it means driving the extra few minutes, we promise it’s worth it.

You spend more time under canopy than in free fall

The average tandem skydive from 10,500 feet involves usually around 60 seconds in free fall, depending on the wind, weight of jumpers, canopy size, and a few other factors. During this short period, you’re reaching terminal velocity. Your cheeks stretch out, you feel like you’re flying, and you get some great footage of your skydive facial expressions.

While this part of the skydive is unforgettable, you actually spend much more time under canopy (after parachute deploys) — nearly seven or eight minutes. So, if you’re contemplating skydiving just anywhere because “the experience is the same,” think again.

During this time, you can really take it all in and admire the scenery. Do you want to be flying over a wasteland, or soaring by the seaside at sunset?

You get better skydiving footage

Any picture of you during a free fall is going to be funny, but drop zones at beautiful locations tend to have much more professional video and photography options. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of a great location?

Look for photography packages that include beachfront landings or coastal views. These scenic backdrops make for a much better overall skydiving experience and the pictures to prove it.

The drop zones are more professional

While every drop zone technically needs to adhere to the same federal safety and aviation regulations, there is of course a spectrum of compliance. It might seem like a strange connection, but scenic drop zones tend to have more experienced staff, a higher number of overall tandem jumps, and better airplanes. This is because these drop zones get more business and are generally nicer places to jump.

Skydiving instructors are professionals, after all, and would also much rather jump in a beautiful place.

Skydive Pensacola

As you tick skydiving off your bucket list, consider a skydive in Pensacola for optimal scenery. Skydive the Gulf offers unparalleled coastal views and packages offering both airport and beach landings. If you live nearby or are visiting the Gulf Coast in Pensacola or Mobile, this is the most stunning drop zone around.

If you’re going to go for it, commit one-hundred percent for the best skydiving experience in Pensacola.

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